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Future Day in 2013 at all German sites

The German-wide Future Day 2013 took place on 25 April. All of our German locations took part in this initiative. School children aged from 10 to 15 had the opportunity to visit Nordzucker and gain an insight into the daily work done by our employees.

20 young visitors to our head office in Braunschweig used the opportunity to take part in a rally through all of the departments to gain an insight into the administrative aspects of a head office. Creativity was then required when the children developed their own recipes to make their own very special jam –  which was also enjoyed by the colleagues from Nordzucker who took part in the event.

The training officers Oliver Lange and Gerrit Langhorst took the young visitors on a tour of the factory in Clauen where they visited the laboratory in which the sugar content of the molasses is analysed, and watched how grain size analysis is carried out. And in the training workshop, they were able to build chess boards and figures from a range of bolt-on modules.

The 16 school children that attended the future day in Klein Wanzleben were accompanied the whole day by Lars W?rmer, and watched as David Mayer from the Beet Office explained all the things that a beet seed requires to grow into a mature sugar beet plant. In addition to the tour of the factory, they gained an insight into the fuel 21 bioethanol plant. They also solved scientific experiments between each of the main stops of the tour. This was followed by bending and soldering exercises amongst other things in the training workshop, which they carried out alongside the apprentices.

Thomas Rabe took the young visitors on a guided tour of the Nordstemmen factory, after which they were able to put some of the things they had learned into practice: together with the Nordstemmen apprentices, the school children built a torch which they were then able to take back home with them as a souvenir.

28 young visitors in total took part in the Future Day activities at the Uelzen factory, where Birgit Rothe began the event by showing the visitors a film to introduce the work undertaken by the factory. This was followed by a guided tour, after which the school children were divided up into groups which took turns to make tasty jam in the laboratory, and learn some pneumatic and electrical principles in the workshop.

In the Schladen factory, Matthias Schulte took the young visitors on a tour of the factory, followed by a visit to the training workshop for industrial mechanics, where the seven visitors joined the apprentices in making an aluminium sugar beet model. Dirk Probst then explained some basic principles in the training workshop for electricians. The apprentices then helped the children to assemble LED lamps in the aluminium sugar beet model.

The visitors to all of the locations all said that they enjoyed the day and the impressions they had gained of Nordzucker – some of them were so impressed that they immediately applied for an internship.



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