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Che?m?a (Poland)


Che?m?a refinery (Poland)

The historic roots of the Che?m?a sugar plant located near Torún go back to the end of the 19th century when the works was founded. The first sugar campaign took place there in 1882. As part of the privatisation process in Poland, Nordzucker acquired a majority stake in 2000. A great deal of money was then invested in modernising the plant between 2000 and 2006 to make it more productive and more efficient. The aim was to boost customer satisfaction further at the same time as satisfying our high standards for sugar quality, environmental protection, and energy savings. Che?m?a today exclusively produces bulk crystalline white sugar that is supplied to the retail trade in 1-kilogram packages, and to industry in 50-kilogram sacks and BigBags.

Nordzucker Polska S.A.
Plant Che?m?a
ul. Bydgoska 4
87-140 Che?m?a

Tomasz Soliwodzki
Tel: +48-(0)56-61-99-358


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