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Porkkala (Finland)


Porkkala refinery (Finland)

Porkkala lies close to Helsinki and is the home of the headquarters of Finnsugar and one of two factories which produce sugar specialities. Raw beet sugar and industrial white beet sugar are produced here throughout the year. It also processes around 60,000 tonnes of imported raw cane sugar every year. A wide spectrum of sugar products from a broad range are produced at the plant. Some of the products are sold to the bakery and food industry for further processing, whilst others are sold on the retail market under the DanSukker brand. Customised sugar products are produced in close co-operation with industrial clients to meet their very precise needs. The Porkkala sugar plant has a total workforce of around 200.

Finnsugar Ltd. / Suomen Sokeri Oy
FIN-02460 Kantvik


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