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Tren?ianska Teplá (Slovakia)


Tren?ianska Teplá sugar plant (Slovakia)

The foundation stone for the Pova?sky cukrovar AG sugar plant was laid in 1900. The first campaign was handled just one year later. It can now process 5,800 tonnes of sugar per day. Pova?sky cukor AG was the first sugar plant in Slovakia to start a split campaign in 2005. This means that 60 per cent of the thick juice was processed in the autumn campaign during the current year, whilst the remaining 40 per cent was processed in the spring thick juice campaign the following year. This enables the plant to produce sugar all year round.

Pova?sky cukor a.s.
Cukrovarská 311/9
SK - 914 01 Tren?ianska Teplá

Tomas Adamek
Tel: +421 (0)32 / 6558-646
Fax: +421 (0)32 / 6558-505


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