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 Nordzucker puts a high priority on its commitment to research and development into all aspects of the subject of sweetness. Our activities here are naturally closely matched to the needs of our clients. Nordzucker's "Innovation & Technology" department is full of acknowledged experts working in interdisciplinary teams on the development and optimisation of products with sweetness enhancers. The main focus is on the following: 

  • Development and improvement of recipes

  • Elaboration of sweetner concepts

  • Development of product applications

  • Physical-chemical measuring techniques; organoleptic tests for product characterisation


Innovative product development

 We look at specific questions concerned with sweetners with the aim of developing innovative and customised solutions for our clients. The well equipped laboratories and facilities in our Applications Centre enable us to produce a large number of foodstuffs at a pilot scale for sensory and rheological testing. And our involvement in a network of competent co-operation partners also enables us to provide our clients with product samples at a small series and production scale. 



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