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24 June 2019

In the starting blocks: Campaign 2019/20


Nordzucker expects group-wide average earnings to be roughly at the previous year′s level

The beet campaign is in the starting blocks throughout the Group: Processing at the Polish plant Che?m?a begins on September 12. Nordzucker expects a similar level of earnings overall as in the previous year, albeit with very strong regional differences. The campaign will end in January 2020.

The first sugar beets of this year will be processed at the plant Che?m?a (Poland) on 12 September. The plants in the other countries will start producing sugar step by step in the days that follow. By October 8, all plants in the Group will have started processing. An upstream thick juice campaign at the Nordstemmen plant began on September 9.

Good start conditions

After rapid sowing at the beginning of April, beet initially had good starting and growth conditions in almost all regions. As in the previous year, there was clearly too little precipitation during the summer in some regions during the growing season. Large parts of the growing regions in Germany and Poland were particularly affected by the lack of rain. By contrast, sugar beet in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Slovakia performed well. Trial erosion in all countries thus shows large regional differences in the expected yields.

 Dr Lars Gorissen, CEO and responsible for Agriculture, affirms: "There was enough rain this year in some regions, but we also expect a significant drop in yields in other regions. For the Group as a whole, we anticipate an average earnings level roughly at the previous year's level."

In view of the current political debate on the future orientation of the agricultural and food industries, he added: "Sugar beet cultivation is not only attractive for most of our beet growers. It is also an active contribution to diversity in agricultural crop rotation. In addition, our sugar production, especially in rural areas, contributes directly and indirectly to jobs and added value."

This year, too, organic beets will be processed into organic sugar. Last year, Nordzucker signed additional contracts with growers in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania, thus expanding production. Organic sugar is produced at the Schladen, Kedainiai and Nyk?bing plants.

End of campaign in January

Axel Aumüller, Chief Production Officer, believes that the plants in all countries are well equipped for the campaign that will run until January: "With our investments in warehousing and logistics, we have our eyes firmly on the market and are meeting our customers' quality requirements. The second focus within production is on improving the energy balance of the plants. Aumüller continues: "Even in economically challenging times, we are on course in terms of energy efficiency and reducing emissions. We are consistently pursuing our goal of reducing CO2 emissions at our plants and doing without fossil fuels in the long term."  

The start dates of all Nordzucker plants for the 2019/20 campaign can be found here in the overview:




17  September

Klein Wanzleben

26  September


13  September


14  September (organic beets)


19 September




1 October


1  October (organic beets)




26  September




8 October




1 October (organic beets)




12  September


25 September



Tren?ianska Teplá

17  September


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In the starting blocks: Campaign 2019/20





The sugar beet campaign is the period of the year in which the sugar beets are processed into sugar in the sugar factories. The campaign usually lasts from mid-September to January.


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