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Shareholder structure

The shares of Nordzucker AG are held as common shares registered in the name of the respective shareholder (registered shares). They are not listed on the stock exchange but can be freely traded since the transfer restriction was lifted in 2005.

Shareholder structure of Nordzucker AG

Around 95 per cent of the shares are held by the two holding companies Nordzucker Holding AG and Union-Zucker Südhannover GmbH. Around five per cent of Nordzucker AG shares are held by other shareholders. Our shareholders, together with the shareholders and owners of our holding companies, are primarily farmers who grow beet.

Over the decades, the sugar industry in Northern Germany has become increasingly concentrated. After a number of smaller mergers, Nordzucker AG was established in 1997. The current holding structure continues to reflect its origins comprising various companies today. Nordzucker Holding AG has a special role as the largest shareholder of Nordzucker AG.


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